Vein Facts:

It is estimated that 20% of American women and 7% of American men suffer from venous disease.

Veins Under the Eyes (Periorbital Veins)

Prominent dark or blue veins that may even bulge slightly along the skin just beneath the eye are not uncommon. Patients are understandably concerned about the appearance of such veins, which in some cases can be seen extending to the outer side of the eye and along the temple just in front of the hair line and even onto the forehead and may contribute to a facial appearance of fatigue. Unlike spider veins (telangiectasias) that occur in the top layer of the skin, periorbital veins are in the fat layer just beneath the skin or in the deeper skin layer.

Treatment of the Veins Under the Eyes

These prominent visible veins of the tissues beneath and around the eye (Periorbital veins) are eminently treatable with the expectation of excellent results. While sclerotherapy (injection of chemicals that damage the vein causing clots to form and leading to the body’s removal of the vein) has been done, this treatment is inadvisable, as injections of these chemicals can cause an injury to the retina of the eye. Although rare, sclerotherapy has caused partial and complete permanent loss of vision. The best treatment results of these periorbital veins including the ones along the outer side of the eye and the temple area are obtained using a transdermal laser. At Dallas Vein Specialists the best vascular laser available, the Cutera Excel V Laser is used. The advantage of this laser is that the laser light is taken up by only the vein and the blood resulting in a burst of heat in the vein itself. The overlying skin and tissues around the vein are preserved and not injured. The procedure is well tolerated because of direct cooling of the overlying skin by the laser crystal port and by supplemental cooling with the Zimmer cryo unit. The treatment is fast with little discomfort. At all times during the laser treatment, the eyes are protected by shields that are impenetrable to the laser light. Patients may resume usual activities immediately.  In rare cases when a vein beneath the eye is large and bulging microphlebectomy removal of the vein may be recommended. This technique involves a tiny incision through which the vein is removed. No skin sutures are required. Any bruising or swelling usually resolves within 2 weeks. Complete healing occurs in 2 to 3 weeks. Patients are able to resume most usual activities on the following day. No eye patching is necessary.

BEFORE: Prominent, bulging vein under the eye
AFTER: Vein under the eye treated with laser

BEFORE: Prominent, bulging veins under the eye
AFTER: Veins under the eye removed