Vein Facts:

Spider veins are commonly thought not to cause symptoms, but patients often complain of pain or burning especially when standing.

Veins Under the Eyes (Periorbital Veins)

Some patients have prominent or bulging veins immediately below the eye that are unsightly and contribute to a facial appearance of fatigue or swelling. Occasionally these veins may cause discomfort. Unlike spider veins that occur in the top layer of the skin, these veins are in the fat layer just below the skin. They are abnormally large for this area of the face and may cause bulging of the overlying skin.

Treatment of the Veins Under the Eyes

Sclerotherapy (injection of chemicals that damage the vein causing clots to form and leading to the body’s removal of the vein) may be inadvisable near the eye. At Dallas Vein Specialists the application of the Cutera Excel V Laser is an effective treatment that is noninvasive, quick, and easy for these veins. It also erases those prominent dark veins that may also occur on the temple areas near the eye. The laser treatment is done in conjunction with the application of the Zimmer cryo unit to numb the skin resulting in little to no pain during the procedure. At all times during the laser treatment, the eyes are protected by shields that are impenetrable to the laser light.

For larger bulging veins below the eye microphlebectomy under local anesthesia is safe and has resulted in excellent cosmetic results. This technique involves small incisions through which the veins are removed. No skin sutures are required. Any bruising or swelling usually resolves within 2 weeks. Complete healing occurs in 2 to 3 weeks. Patients are able to resume most usual activities on the following day. No eye patching is necessary.

BEFORE: Prominent, bulging vein under the eye
AFTER: Vein under the eye treated with laser

BEFORE: Prominent, bulging veins under the eye
AFTER: Veins under the eye removed