Vein Facts:

Deeper varicose veins are not visible, but the skin above them may darkened and swell. In severe cases, open sores (ulcers) may develop.

Patient Testimonials

“My life has definitely changed since receiving the CLaCS procedure…”

I want to give a huge thank you to the wonderful Dr Whiddon and his awesome staff! My life has definitely changed since receiving the CLaCS procedure a few months ago. I’ve been battling spider veins on both of my legs for close to 30 years. Needless to say, I’ve always had a difficult time looking forward to the summer months. This particular year, my self confidence was at an all time low due to the appearance of more spider veins, in addition to the previous ones. Following the procedure, an incredible summer began! My legs started improving tremendously along with my self confidence! I now have a new outlook on life which motivated me to lose 14 lbs. so far, and I’ve been wearing shorts all summer. The biggest milestone was buying a new dress to wear to my niece’s wedding this past July. The last dress I purchased and actually wore was 7 years ago. It was exciting to get all dressed up and feel beautiful again with my “new legs”. Thank you so much Dr Whiddon, for changing my life for the better!

“… for the first time in over fifty years, I can wear sports pants when walking and even a dress on occasion.”

Embarrassment is debilitating. I know because I have suffered from varicose veins for most of my adult life. Attempts to correct the problem were deflected by doctors who did not see a medical problem in my condition, and who assured me that many women had varicose veins. In other words: live with them. I did, but my life was compromised by my embarrassment. I avoided situations like exercise, outdoor activities, and summer pool parties that required bare legs, but last summer, encouraged by my internist who assured me that quality of life mattered too, I resolved to seek help and found Dr. Whiddon.

After performing surgery on each leg, Dr. Whiddon recommended the new CLaCS (Cyro Laser Cyro Sclerotherapy) procedure, a remarkable, painless and effective method for eliminating spider veins. Following treatment, I was free to proceed with my regular activities, and the results were evident immediately and improved to perfection within days. I am not exaggerating when I say that I cannot believe my legs are the same ones I presented to Dr. Whiddon at my first appointment. I have joked with him that I rested and meditated on the table and then left with better legs! For someone like me, who felt there was no hope, this procedure has changed my life in so many ways. At age sixty-seven, for the first time in over fifty years, I can wear sports pants when walking and even a dress on occasion. I also feel so much better: more energy, no more cramping and discomfort in my legs, and a completely new mindset regarding my appearance.

I cannot thank Dr. Whiddon and his wonderful professional assistants enough. They have been kind, understanding and persistent in their determination to help me with surgery and the laser treatments that have produced such remarkable results with no discomfort on my part. Now I can participate in activities that I avoided before, not to mention shopping for a new wardrobe. Thanks to Dr. Whiddon, my embarrassment is gone, replaced by confidence.

Varicose Vein Treatment

Dr. Whiddon,
I am writing to let you know of how thankful and blessed I feel to have found you. As you know, I was born with a rare degenerative syndrome called Klippel-Tranuanay. I had suffered extreme pain and discomfort throughout my childhood due to the countless number of varicose veins in my leg. I had veins from my thigh all the way to my toes. I had seen other doctors and was told there was no cure or treatment available. I was told to wear support stockings and keep my leg elevated.

I am now 32, and was fortunte to have found you. You have taken me on as a challenge. I began a little hesitant, but through each session I saw results. My leg feels less painful, nevertheless, looks better. I have been able to see the light at the end of the tunnel through your vision, strength, and best of all your skills. I appreciate your caring staff. The’re very knowledgable and kind. I realize treatment is not over but I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude. I will never forget everything you have done for me. If you continue to work with each patient with the care you have given me, God will bless you in return. I thank you for you have changed my life!

“… My “wow” moment was while I was out shopping…”

Dear Dr. Whiddon,
I was in recently for my first sclerotherapy procedure for spider veins. It has been almost two weeks and already I can see such a change! Many spider veins are gone and those that aren’t have faded or are fading quite a lot.

My “wow” moment was while I was out shopping. I was trying on clothes and noticed how much better my legs looked in the fitting room mirrors. Amazing!

I have been bothered by spider veins for 10 years. I wish I had done this sooner!

I have raved about your office, your staff (your nurse was so nice!), and most of all, your expertise. My OB/Gyn has asked if she could refer patients to you, as she’s seen many women with the same condition.

If needed, I will make an appointment for a touch-up session.

Thank you so much!
J. G.

“… vein problems since I had open heart surgery…”

My legs have been like almost new legs since Dr. Whiddon worked on them. Having had vein problems since I had open heart surgery with valve replacement and several bypasses, it was a huge relief to be referred to someone with his expertise, who could make me feel almost like a new person. At age 86, for that I am VERY grateful.

“… unsightly veins…”

Dr. Whiddon,
I just wanted to take a moment to say, “Thank You” to you and your staff. The professionalism in your office is outstanding! The unsightly veins around my eyes have bothered me for years and I have been very apprehensive about having anything done to correct them. Your office made me feel very welcome and comfortable about taking steps toward removing the veins that bothered me so. You assured me that the process was simple with very little pain; and it was!!! The results were just what I had hoped for. Now I’m upset I waited so long to visit your office.

Thanks Again,

“… the procedure was painless…”

I went to another North Texas vein specialist before going to Dr. Whiddon at Dallas Vein Specialist, it was a horrible experience! The location was bad, the facility was unwelcoming and uncomfortable and the diagnostic equipment seemed to be outdated. Not only that, but it took months to get in for an appointment. They would not diagnose both legs on the same day, nor were they interested in treating both legs within the same week. My athleticism is my career and for me to take two weeks off, is almost impossible, and the pain I was experiencing dictated I could no longer put off the surgery.

After researching different treatments, reading articles and doing web searches, I found an article written by Dr. Whiddon. I then, researched Dr Whiddon and found out he performed the procedure I thought best suited me.

I got in at Dallas Vein Specialist right away. They had the insurance approved before my appointment. The location is very convenient and easy to find. The office is very clean and comfortable and I felt very relaxed. When I left my first appointment I had both legs diagnosed in 2/3rds the time it took the other guy to do one. Dr Whiddon also said, “No problem doing both legs in the same week”. The procedure was painless; I drove home from the second surgery. I was back on the bike the next week; I progressed slowly and carefully and was up to 6 hours on the bike within 4 weeks. I had my first race 6 weeks post op. I managed a third place finish with a mechanical (that cost me second place and maybe first). Thank you Dr. Whiddon, I appreciate you and your staff, you were a delight from start to finish. I’ll keep you posted on my overall series finish.

“… first rate facility…”

Dr. Whiddon’s staff and facility were first rate. The care I received was superb and best of all, painless. I was treated with kindness and felt at ease throughout my treatment. I was impressed that the procedure could be handled in his office in a relaxed atmosphere without unnecessary drugs. His staff was highly trained and I want to send a special thanks to Lauren and Lakeita. I can’t thank everyone enough.

“… I can’t thank you and your staff enough for changing my life…”

Dr. Whiddon,
When I first came to you I had no hope of ever having legs that didn’t look so horrible. I was so embarrassed whenever I would go swimming and I never wore shorts!! I was even embarrassed to get a pedicure because of the veins on the top of my foot. Whenever I would go to get a pedicure the technician didn’t want to touch my foot because she was afraid she would hurt me. I was even afraid to shave my legs because I was worried that I would cut one of the veins.

Well thanks to you all of these things have changed!!!! I got my first pedicure in the past couple years and it was wonderful. I now wear capris and sandals. People at work have noticed the change and have told me how great my legs look. I even don’t mind putting on a bathing suit now.

I thought that having my varicose veins removed would be painful but I had no pain whatsoever. Even the spider vein treatment was painless. I can’t thank you and your staff enough for changing my life. I don’t know why I waited so long to get this taken care of. I tell everyone who asks me that you are a miracle worker and that they should go visit you to see what you can do for them. You and your nurse were so gentle and understanding. You really put me at ease even though you had to do so much work on my legs. When I look at the before pictures I can’t believe those were my legs!!! I can’t thank you enough. You have a friend for life.