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Varicose veins are a sign that there is high pressure in the veins. This is called venous insufficiency or venous hypertension.

What to Do About Facial Veins

Written by Dallas Vein Specialists on December 15, 2014

close up faceYour face is typically the first thing that others notice about you. It’s no surprise, then, that individuals with visible spider veins on their nose or cheeks often feel self-conscious about their facial appearance. Fortunately, Dallas Vein Specialists can help. The treatment of facial veins depends on where the veins are located on the face and the size of the veins. The treatments used to eliminate unsightly veins of the face employ the latest and most effective techniques.


For spider veins located on the nose and along the folds where the nose and facial skin join, use of the VeinGogh device is the preferable treatment method. The procedure involves the use of a hair-thin metal probe that is directed to the surface of the tiny vein. The probe delivers high-frequency energy into the visible blood vessel, heating and damaging the vein. The damaged vein then collapses and disappears almost entirely.  The body then quickly absorbs the collapsed vessel. Thanks to the precise nature of VeinGogh treatment, none of the surrounding tissue is harmed, so patients can quickly resume normal activities, with no downtime.

The procedure is painless thanks to skin anesthesia resulting from the application of the Zimmer Cryo unit that delivers high-flow volumes of ice-cold air directly at the vein at the time of treatment. The energy delivered is low to medium in intensity, sufficient to destroy the target vein but not enough to produce scarring or residual changes in the skin. The redness resulting from the treatment fades rapidly and is completely gone within a day or two. Patients will notice results immediately.

Typically, one treatment session is sufficient to eliminate these spider veins on and around the nose. Some patients with more complex cases may need a follow-up treatment.


For the larger spider veins of the face that are occasionally seen along the cheeks, jaw line or chin, the Alma Harmony transdermal laser is the best treatment option. (VeinGogh treatment does not work as well on these larger spider veins as does the direct application of the transdermal laser.) The veins absorb the laser energy, and the skin is left undamaged. The treatment is quick, and, again, using skin anesthesia provided by the Zimmer Cryo unit, most of the discomfort is eliminated. Depending on the size of the targeted veins, more than one treatment may be needed, especially for larger spider veins. Subsequent treatments are spaced about two weeks apart.

When the spider veins are very small and are diffused over the cheeks, jaws and chin, as is seen with rosacea, the Alma Harmony laser using the Dye-VL mode is the treatment modality of choice. The treatment is easy and, in conjunction with the Zimmer Cryo unit, is not painful. A series of two to four treatments, depending on the density of the spider veins, is typically required for best results. Dramatic improvement in one’s appearance from the eradication of these veins is achievable. An additional benefit of the Dye-VL treatment is the removal of age spots from the skin of the face.


More and more patients are showing up at Dallas Vein Specialists as they learn that there is a solution to the prominent and unsightly veins of the skin beneath and along the sides of the orbits (eyes). Some of the happiest patients I treat are those who have been told there is no treatment for this problem and then have these veins totally disappear after a series of treatments at Dallas Vein Specialists.

By applying the transdermal laser directly onto the targeted veins, I can remove these sometimes large and highly visible veins. Only the veins absorb the laser energy, and therefore, the skin is not damaged. Skin anesthesia with the Zimmer Cryo unit makes this quick treatment easy and less painful. Depending on the size of the treated veins, two to four treatments, spaced two weeks apart, are generally sufficient to eliminate the targeted veins completely.

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If you are tired of feeling frustrated with noticeable facial veins on your nose, cheeks or around the eyes, consider having the appropriate treatment that can achieve a clear facial appearance that you will be proud of.

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