Vein Facts:

Varicose veins are a sign that there is high pressure in the veins. This is called venous insufficiency or venous hypertension.

January 16th, 2015

Dr. Oz Show on Varicose and Spider Veins – A Vein Surgeon’s Perspective

Written by Dallas Vein Specialists on January 16, 2015

Recently Dr. Oz discussed varicose veins and spider veins of the leg on his afternoon television show. This was complete with video simulation of veins and a discussion of treatment. A woman with typical leg spider (thread) veins demonstrated their appearance and discussed her cosmetic concerns. Then Dr. Oz discussed the difference between varicose veins and spider veins. A visiting...

Varicose Veins and Pregnancy – Part II

Written by Dallas Vein Specialists on July 12, 2010

Last week I discussed varicose veins and pregnancy. This week I will answer the questions I raised at the beginning of the discussion, questions frequently asked by young women of child-bearing age, “How do I prevent varicose veins during pregnancy?” and “What shall I do about my varicose veins now that I am pregnant?”. If a woman has varicose veins...