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Pre-existing Chronic Disease Puts COVID-19 Patients in Hospital

Written by Dallas Vein Specialists on July 18, 2020
Pre-existing Chronic Disease Puts COVID-19 Patients in Hospital

A recent publication in the Journal of the American Medical Association detailed the pre-existing health of 5,700 patients who required in hospital care in the New York City area between March 1 and April 4. It appears from the study’s findings that patients with certain pre-existing chronic illnesses are at increased risks for development of severe symptoms leading to in hospital care, complications and death.

Data from the study follows:

      63 years median age

      61% male; 39% female

      upon hospital admission:

           30.7% had fever

           17.3% had respiratory rate greater than 24 breaths/minute

           27.8% received supplemental oxygen

       Pre-existing disease and conditions:

            56.6% had hypertension

            41.7% were obese

            33.8% were diabetic

            11% had coronary artery heart disease

            7% had congestive heart failure

            9% had asthma

            5% had chronic obstructive lung disease


             14.2% were treated in ICU

             12.2% required mechanical ventilation

        As of April 4, the end of the study interval:

              3.3% (38 patients) were discharged alive

              21% died

              24.5% of those receiving mechanical ventilation died

              3.3% of those receiving mechanical ventilation were discharged alive

              72.2% of those receiving mechanical ventilation remained in hospital

Important points about these data on patients sick enough to require in hospital care:

               Fever was present in only 30% of patients admitted.

               Major risk factors are hypertension, diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

               As opposed to what was originally thought, chronic lung disease and asthma are probably not high-risk pre-existing diseases for hospital admission.

               Almost 25% of patients requiring ventilators died.