Vein Facts:

Varicose veins are a sign that there is high pressure in the veins. This is called venous insufficiency or venous hypertension.

Varicose Veins and Pregnancy – Part I

July 10, 2010Written by Dallas Vein Specialists

I frequently hear questions from female patients like “How do I prevent varicose veins during pregnancy?” or “What shall I do about my varicose veins now that I am pregnant?” Good questions that deserve proper answers. Women who have the genetic predisposition for varicose veins, i.e. a family history of varicose veins, often develop them and suffer from them during...

Inject Veins or Remove Veins? Which?

June 14, 2010Written by Dallas Vein Specialists

Patients frequently are confused about why some leg veins are injected and some are removed. When I evaluate veins from spider veins to large varicosities, there are several considerations going through my mind in addition to the source or cause of the vein problem. SCLEROTHERAPY is the injection of veins with chemicals that damage the inside of the veins. This...

Spider Veins and Sclerotherapy

June 7, 2010Written by Dallas Vein Specialists

Spider veins are small, 0.1-1.0mm, red to blue veins in the top layer of the skin. They occur with increasing frequency in adults as they age but may be seen in teenagers as well. When seen in younger individuals the pattern of distribution is commonly on the lateral thigh or at the site of prior trauma. Spider veins may be...

Why Do We Use Lasers at Dallas Vein Specialist?

June 1, 2010Written by Dallas Vein Specialists

With internet and advertising information readily available to anyone who cares to do a little research, some of our patients know that there are several options in vein treatment and ask why we use a laser to treat the incompetent veins of the legs. Prior to acquiring our lasers we researched the matter thoroughly and in fact used both radiofrequency...